Calibration Billing


Calibration Billing September 24, 2019 by Tara Taffera

“All calibrations require an authorization—both preliminary and final,” said Paul McFarland, senior director of supply chain management for LYNX Services a Solera Company.

McFarland spoke to attendees during a seminar at Auto Glass Week 2019 and gave some insights into just how many calibrations are being performed, just by sharing some of his company’s numbers.

“It overwhelmed us quite honestly how many we received,” he said. If you were one of those glass shops making a submission, you likely encountered wait times.

calibration billing

“I believe we have that issue corrected,” said McFarland.

“Our goal eventually is 3-4 business hours,” he added. “Now it is two days. Shortly we will be at one day.”

LYNX, which created part numbers for recalibration, shared some of the numbers to showcase how this market is growing.

Calibration billing “In November 2017 we processed 5,800 calibration payments,” said McFarland. “In 2018 that number increased to 18,000. By the end of August 2019, the number was at 37,000.”

The authorization part numbers established by LYNX Services in November 2017 are as follows. RTL refers to in-house calibrations performed by the glass company receiving the LYNX Services work assignment. (Not eligible for RECAL-SUBLET approval.) DLR refers to a third party provider of the calibration service.



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